Sunday, May 24, 2009

Walmart sucks and this is why....

First of all Walmart USED to be all about Made in America... Now its all outsourcing. I don't believe in outsourcing. They coerce their vendors into out-sourcing to other countries in order to provide Wal-Mart with a cheaper wholesale price. As a result Wholesalers that can't comply go out of business. Also as a result Americans lose jobs because work is outsourced to accomidate Wal-Mart's demands. and as a result They rely on cheap labor from countries with less than ethical standards of child labor.
If we out source everything they how are our factory workers going to have jobs to be able to afford Walmart. Towns like Detroit will be non existent! Detroit is already going bankrupt because no one is buying American cars.
To me its common sense. My ex boyfriend used to work in a carpet mill and they outsourced to Brazil. Wouldn't you know the rugs are sold at Kmart and Walmart. If we put Americana's out of jobs then who can even afford Wal-Marts "low low prices."

Employee's of Walmart and the like have actually asked a Military Spouse what deployment is. If Korea was out of the country... ok GO BACK TO SCHOOLLLL!

Yes no one is forcing anyone to work at Walmart but with the economy and unemployment these days and your a single mother are you going to refuse a job?
I've heard they only hire part time so they don't have to give their employee's insurance or benefits. They end up treating their employee's like crap. Before my first husband died he worked at Sams Club as a Credit Manager. (Sam's club is owned by Walmart) and he was on the floor helping a customer with a safe and the customer dropped his end of the safe so my husband hurt his back. Walmart wouldn't pay disability for him AND gave him a demotion to Door Greeter. Manager to Door Greeter because you hurt your back by having GOOD customer service? Alrighty then!

Wal-Mart is hypocritical. They didn't (when I used to shop there) allow Mature rated movies, music, games or toys (like WWE toys etc) They even banned a certain barbie because she was pregnant alrightly then. BUT they will sell the most HOOCHIE style clothes for our CHILDREN. I have seen more baby booty and mid drift (for a two year old really) than I have for adults. Oh yeah when you can buy a mid drift top for your two year old but wouldn't dare find it in the adult clothing. Isn't that hypocritical and don't they realize that it may be promoting Pedophiles.

The American Way is being put to death by Wal-Mart. IMHO... The American way has always been come to America and be an entrepreneur. Mom and Pop business's still could play a VERY large part in today's society and they just can't afford to outsource that way or beat Wal-marts prices. Walmart also tells companies what they are going to charge for products or they won't carry them. That's like Musicians telling MTV what they will play or they won't let them use their music. It puts small business (even big business) OUT Of business. Not fair in my opinion.

They don't stand behind their own guarantee's. I buy a vacuum I have a receipt and its less than a week old and I can't return the vacuum because its under warranty. I have to send it back to the manufacturer.

Back to how they treat their employee's I read a story that an employee had insurance disability insurance because she worked at Walmart nearly till retirement. She got in a car accident and she was able to collect her Walmart Disability. But once the party that caused the car accident paid up the woman was told she would have to give the money from Walmart back. Her son died in Iraq the next day (not that its truly relievant but it is to me because I am an Army wife and mom) Walmart is greedy. They eventually got so much bad press they let her keep the disability. But she already had to divorce her husband so she could qualify for the type of care she needed underneath the medicaid program... Ok more tax payer money because Walmart probably only second richest next to the oil companies won't give the woman what she deserves!

Walmart offers great discounts on prescriptions... but not to the military. We aren't offered the same discount as everyone else.

They sacrafice quality for quantity and cheapness. In this society. People are so quick to rush around and be chaotic but we don't have to be stopping to acknowledge a customer, getting to know their needs and telling them have a good day may be more rewarding in the long run. That person may be back tomorrow just because you smiled at them.

Wal-Mart is notorious for taking advantage of small towns. In order to increase money spent in their town, a town may wish Wal-Mart to set up shop to drive business to the town. In order to encourage Wal-Mart to do so, the town will often offer Wal-Mart a no-tax, tax break. This means for a period of several years, Wal-Mart may collect sales tax and forward it to the government but they will not be responsible for other taxes. Many times Wal-Mart has been open and done business until their deal is up and when the town no longer wants to offer the tax-break, Wal-Mart abandons their store leaving a shell. Now an entire huge Wal-Mart store is empty, no small business can afford to buy it and large businesses don't want to bother because they'd have to pay to remodel it so it wouldn't look like a Wal-Mart anymore. This results in a large, abandoned, commercial area that isn't generating the town any money.

Not everything you buy at Walmart is more inexpensive then other major retailers. Its made cheaper but not every thing is more inexpensive. Why do you think Target profits aren't hurting by Walmarts bulliness? Kmart/Sears does what they can to support our troops!

More to come...

By the way since Feburary 2008 I have spent less than $20 at Walmart. You can TOO!

Walmart is ALWAYS bad for business ALWAYS How Wal-Mart is Destroying America and The World and What You Can Do About It
Green Day VS Walmart. I will buy their CD like it or not on FYE or Itunes. I at least appreciate their effort.

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