Friday, May 8, 2009

Looking up!

I rarely watched ABC's "The View" since I wanted to really go off on Rosie O'Donnell whom I used to love by the way. Yesterday my Television happened to be on ABC. I caught Michael J Fox on there. I was very inspired in January by Barbara Walters Patrick Swayze Special. Patrick Swayze is amazing his outlook is amazing. I had a feeling Michael J. Fox would be the same for me. I was write. I caught three quotes I plan on posting in front of my face amongst the one from Extreme Makeover (let me find that one!) and Patrick Swayze's just as a remind that the world isn't against me. That people do love me and you know what... does it matter? Nope!
When life gets you down remember there are people around you that conquer harder battles and don't doubt for a minute God didn't love you so much as to not give you the same amount of strength!

Quotes to live by...

"I don't have a choice about whether I have Parkinson's, that's a non choice around that non choice there is infinite choices. I have so many choices that I put in a stark belief all the choices I do have. All the freedom I DO have, All the health I DO have and all the choices I DO have. " Michael J Fox

Michael J Fox your something to look up to, to learn from. Maybe calling you a hero is too strong of a statement but your definitely someone that can change lives.

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