Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Mackenzie

Yesterday my oldest son -that I gave birth to turned nine. I just wanted to wish him online a Happy Birthday and on myspace (only) I told some of his story. So if you know my Myspace account you can see it or else ask :)

First of all Mackenzie Robert Taylor's Birth story. The second part I wanted to share is only my Myspace due to privacy.

I was married to Adam at the time and we worked at Domino's Pizza as managers together. My sister Cherish and I were pregnant at the same time. I would talk to my sister Angela who had already had a baby and she would tell me labor feels like someone squeezing my stomach so hard I can't breathe. Well one day I had pain but it didn't feel like that it felt like someone stabbed me and twisted the knife in my cervix. We lived an hour and a half from the hospital I was supposed to have Mackenzie. I went to the local hospital that had a bad rep and rubbed me the wrong way early in my life. They told me to take all these IV drugs and I didn't want to. They told me if I could talk through my contractions I wasn't in labor. They finally told me that they were giving me a bag of saline to hydrate me to help labor along. It wasn't saline and my labor stopped. I had an OB appointment and Ultrasound the next day and I couldn't' move out of my car. Adam ran in and got a wheel chair and a nurse. I begged them to induce me. Not that I needed much help. They did the exam and ultrasound I was 38 weeks. They sent me to the hospital to induce me and gave me a bunch of guilt trips about it. They put half a dose of cervidil and five minutes of the pit (hell in a needle I call it lol) and my contractions were right on top of each other. But they wouldn't show up on a stress test. It looked like uterine irritation. Oh man I was in pain. I finally gave in to IV drugs. I slept for 9 hours. I woke up like I was being stabbed to death screaming my head off. Adam and I had an argument over the epidural. I didn't want it. Finally I gave in to that as well. I slept another 9 hours lol. They woke me up to check my cervix and I couldn't feel NOTHING but a wet butt lol. I said I think my water broke because my rear is wet.... It had and I was at 10. They said ok time to push and I am like what how? I can't feel my own rear end! They woke up Adam and my sister in law. Adam had a seizure. Then there was drama about whether or not he should go to the ER. Then he wanted my sister in law to coach me. I was like no make sure Adam doesn't hurt himself this baby is coming with all the help of these nurses and midwife. I pushed out Mackenzie in about 30 minutes and he was perfectly fine. I had a great labor in my opinion.
By the way Mackenzie was born a week to the day of my nephew Matthew. Matthew was still in NICU when Mackenzie was born.

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