Thursday, May 28, 2009

Girls clothes for sale.... CUTE STUFF

I have been going through Skylar's clothes that she has grown out of. I am selling them really cheap so if you have any questions or want to make offers let me know. I have pictures posted to my albums.. I have one 12 month dress, few 18 months, few 2T or 24 months and a few 3T or size 3 Clothes. Find them here.

We moved to Huntsville in 2007. So Skylar was almost 4 and all I had for her when I came and what I bought once we got married was size four so this will be the majority of the size that I have. Some of these clothes are just good for play clothes. I don't guarantee they are free from cat hair, stain, or tear.. but I tried to point out the obvious. Most of it is as cheap as it gets pretty much just make offers and ask questions if your interested. I have a few size 5 and very few size 6 since thats the size Skylar is currently outgrowing and I am replacing. Some Gymboree, Old Navy and Children's Place brand.
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