Thursday, May 28, 2009

ATTN Military Flybabies!

Dear Military FlyBaby,

Our military families give up a lot for us. I want to give back to them. These young men and women join the military to serve our country.

My thoughts are to set up a group for our military families. I would like to visit at least one post or base a month, but that takes money. I know that I can use what is free to help them right now; BigTent Group, Facebook, Twitter and my BlogTalkRadio shows.

We all know a family who is in the military! I want us to send them a thank you note and invite them to join us on FlyLady Mentors. I know God is going to send us a sponsor to help me visit these families. Until then I will be sending out emails, doing BlogTalkRadio shows, answering your questions and maybe even doing some videos for them.

I need your help! If you are part of our military family and you have a question please send it to me. I will take your questions and answer one a day.

Send them to: with MILITARY in the subject line.

If you want me to come to your area please let me know and get me a contact person. If any of you know our First Lady, Michele Obama please ask her to help us help these families! Even if it is just a video I can play to thank them for their service.

I love you all and I know together we can build these families up!


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