Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This seriously burns me up

A high school student here was killed in an accident a few days ago with her 19 year old boyfriend. There were killed in a car accident because the driver that hit them as they sat parked at a stop light was an illegal immigrant who was driving under the influence. It has been reported in an odd twist of fate Leigh Anna Jimmerson's mother KNEW the person that killed Leigh Anna. The mother is working on a documentary about illegal immigration and how we need to protect these people when they come here. You know what even though the person arrested and charged with killing her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend was driving under the influence and he wouldn't give the police his true identity she still stands by him saying its her faith in God that has taught her tolerance. Oh I pray for this mother! If someone were here illegally and driving drunk... To kill my child I surely wouldn't be protecting them! They would have to protect the person fro ME!! He had a laundry list of priors that he should have been kicked out for! You know we could say its just a bad seed... That he wasn't doing right. But if you get your visa or green card.. OBEY The laws when your here... Then I wouldn't be so pissed off. But I am not just pissed off at the Mexican I am pissed off at the Mother for continuing to stand by him!


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