Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is supposed to be the BEST medical available in the world?

have been stationed in one place for over two years. I have had a BIG share of problems with Fox Army Health Center. During my time as a waiting spouse. I was told we had an advocate that would give us priority. I got disgusted with her BAD attitude and just called the regular appointment line and didn't have a problem for awhile. THIS is after I complained that several doctors refused to give me a referral to a bone specialist to monitor my arthritis. I totally disagree with the way they speak to patients. I disagree with how the patients are treated. I don't think they would get a lot of business in the civilian world. I have been told by a Patient Care Representative. That being a Waiting Spouse I just wanted special attention. I then got a hold of the COL over Fox's number and I had a doctor call me back and just think it was in my best interest if I didn't see a doctor at Fox and go off post for a civilian PCM. I brought this up to some people's attention around post. I was told that is ILLEGAL. I was told I must be making it up or over reacting. I could care less. My daughter is rarely ever sick enough for me to have her seen. I can treat allergies but when they linger or cause discomfort that's when I seek help. On the 1st of April she was seen by a pediatrician at Fox and the Pedi said she had a slight ear infection. She also had allergies that were draining which caused the cough. Give her meds, dry up her sinuses and it should all clear up. So since the first Skylar has been on Amoxicillian, Singular, and Zyrtec. The antibiotic against my better judgement I just don't believe in them but I am giving it to her. Over a WEEK later.... TODAY I call to make her another appointment because she isn't getting better. Her cough isn't going away and frankly I am tired of every time I take her in being told she has allergies and them sending her away. Its a waste of both of our time because she is on Zyrtec almost ALWAYS when a cough starts she gets the humidifier. The moment she has to leave a humidifier she is coughing up a lung again. Today Fox closes early for training. I realized that before I called but I was also told LAST WEEK. If she wasn't getting better to call back and get a doctors note. So that's why I called to get an appointment (for anytime, and a doctors note)I spoke to the appointment desk and as I predicted no appointments available at all today amongst ALLLLLL the doctors and PCM's at Fox. Alrighty then they transfer me to a nurse to see if I could at least get a doctors note for school. The nurse spoke to me this morning on two occasions. Telling me she would REALLY like Skylar to be seen. Each time my pleas went unanswered to the appointment desk. I call the nurse back and tell her they said nothing was available for Friday or Thursday. She looked and there were two ACUTE appointments available for Skylar's PCM (which I would have loved for her to see someone else but at this point I wasn't picky.) Dr. E's nurse gave me the ACUTE appointment times for these appointments. Explained to me they don't show up till 24 hours before the appointment time. I was supposed to call Fox at 9:30 or 10:10... To make the playing field even I decided to chance it at 10:35... The appointment desk decides to ARGUE with me. They have a bad attitude! I get upset and frustrated (HEY I am pregnant it doesn't take anything lmao much lesss MUCH) I try to stay polite and calm and tell her I already spoke with the nurse available at this extension several times and she said there was an Urgent Care (or I couldn't remember the phrase) appointment available at 9:30 or 10:10 that they wouldn't show available to the appointment desk until 24 hours prior. Of course they think I am lying. Don't they always because I call them up every hour just to bug harass and otherwise LIE to these MORONS. She said HMM I will have to speak with the supervisor about it. I said why don't I speak to them? She said oh look we have a 9:30 cancelation for Dr E. YEAH FREAKING RIGHT... NOW who's lying? I made the appointment and she then proceeded to argue between DIAGNOSES and SYMPTOM. I said my daughter was seen on the first she had an ear infection and allergies. She is NOT getting better the nurse wants her seen again. They argue. You don't KNOW she has an ear infection um YES I DO. After SEVERAL phone calls back and forth I get the mysterious 9:30 am appointment that was a sudden cancelation at the same time as I ask to speak to a supervisor. I call my husband to complain. Of course he's in freaking busy army mode... UGH and I call back to speak to THE supervisor and she's JUST as RUDE and DENIES it ever happened. WTH!
ALL BE DAMNED If I trust them with my newborn's health. I WILL be finding a civilian Peditrician... PAYING for a co-pay... and taking both of my kids to them. ASAP!

If you've ever been to the free clinic down town... this is how I am OFTEN treated at Fox Army Health Care... My kids will be going standard because the care could be very dangerous!!! HMO's SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK SUCK
Thank You Mrs Hilary Clinton!

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