Friday, April 10, 2009

A Nightmare called Fox Army Medical

Those of you who have been my readers have read about my fights with Fox early in my husband's deployment last year. Well the nightmare continues. Last year the problem was with the doctors I got placed with and now they mess with my daughter. Ok so you've heard of Bridezilla? I am Momzilla! Don't push this MAMA BEAR or she pushes back and she takes no crap and no excuses. I have been sick nearly my entire life and been in and out of hospitals so much I can usually SMELL a quack. So don't try to push one over on me.

Yesterday... Read the Blog ITS LONG

Today I take Skylar in and 9:30. Nurses are sweet as pie as usual. I even tell them about my issue with the contracted Appointment desk. She goes to talk to Barbara Williford. Now us who have been waiting spouses here in the past 2 years know who she is. I've had my share of problems with her as well. But today she told the nurse that the lady who took my appointment yesterday had already put in her resignation. (Funny how yesterday the Supervisor claimed it wasn't on my file WHO took the appointment) That I was welcome to call her to discuss the incident with her. I saw the name and was like yeah uh huh sure... I would probably get some where faster talking to God himself. I told her not to worry about both Skylar and the new baby would be going off post as soon as I found a doctor off post. She pleaded that Dr E was the best and I would have to wait for a long period of time at any other doctor. I was like oh all right well we will see. Rick is over there falling asleep and I said Don't FALL asleep. I really needed his support. Dr E comes in and does her examination. Now on April 1st when Dr E saw Skylar she had a test on her ears and it came out normal. She had the same test today.. Again its normal. Skylar has been running a low grade fever of 99.? And she has been on Zyrtec and a Humidifier for a week BEFORE April 1st. After April 1st she was taking Zyrtec, Singular, Ammox.. And the humidifier. Still she isn't better and she is complaining about her ear MORE. Dr E told me on the first once she was taking the meds her sinus's would dry up and the cough would stop. Okay. Well she hasn't had a runny nose but she has the dry cough. I said to the doctor her ear infection must be getting worse. She said how do you know? I said well she's complaining more and still coughing. So she checked her ears and she said her ears are both perfect. She has no ear infection see if you don't believe me I will show you and she handed me the graphic (the test results from the test they took that day and the 1st) I wanted to kick Rick in the crotch for not saying anything and not standing up for me after I have felt beaten and battered by These people. AGAIN a waste of my time to walk out of there without a reason... Just here is yet a THIRD allergy medication to add to the other THREE she's already taking. So that makes FOUR medications to be taken over the course of at LEAST a month for a SIX year old RIDICULOUS!
We go to the front desk to get our doctors note we ask for one for yesterday and one for today. They said the nurse has to sign off on it. Then it gets sent to Dr E who refuses to sign off on it. NOW Rick decides to nag. The infamous Mrs Williford who I didn't recognize takes it to the Deputy Commander to sign. She wants to speak to me. But at this point I am VISABLY upset (again doesn't take much for a woman this pregnant to get VERY angry) I pass on talking to her because Rick wants to get Skylar to school and back to work and I know if I were to speak in that state of mind it would get U-G-L-Y....So we wait to get the approval of the doctors excuse from the deputy commander. When I get upset my face gets splotchy and red and so its apparent to many people in the hall way I am just a ticking time bomb. I just keep saying lets get it and GO I will take the absence. I just wanted to leave. I didn't want to talk about it anymore I am trying to control my stress level and blood pressure...
I come home and call Tricare to change her PCM permanently so I never have to see Dr E again. They ask why if I had a complaint. I was like OH YEAH. They said well do you want to tell us about it? I said sure. *chuckle* He said is it a failure of availability. Un professionalism by the doctor or by the office staff. I said UM ALL THREE! So I went through all the same bs again with the Tricare guy and he would put in to get Skylar assigned temporarily to another PCM at Fox which is fine as long as its not TWO of the doctors up there. I gave them my choices and they can pick from that. If not and even if they do I will be taking the kids down to Tricare Standard and going to an off post Peditrician or Family Physician.

I feel so unvalidated that I am just Momzilla and over reacting to the way I have been treated. I am very PTSD when it comes to my kids safety. I am very protective. VERY and I don't like this crap AT ALL.

They are playing with my PTSD in overdrive today now its a Tornado Warning and YUP I am on the computer because Skylar is on a school bus right now on her way home from school.... I would be scared of what I might do if I wasn't pregnant.

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