Thursday, April 23, 2009

Military WIfe

I tend to say I am not a good Military Wife because I feel guilty for not supporting in this final year of your service. I am not a good Military Wife because I am not cooking for the FRG or bringing sandwhiches up to you while your working on on CQ Duty. I think I have written before when I look amongst MY Ranks.. Ranks of Officer Wives that stand tall, PFC wives that make sure food is kept on the table with four hungry mouths to feed on a meagar paycheck. They have to work usually under those circumstances. I didn't want to work while you were deployed worried about dealing with the stress of it all. I read stories and wonder how much a World War, Korean, or Vietnam war wife went through. I realize what you've done on your deployment. How easy you did make things for me. How all I had to do was hold on, be there, be faithful, and hold our house together. I see wives here that cheat, lie, and just don't support their husband. Whether he is a Soldier or not.

I also see the other side of the coin where the Soldiers don't realize what we go through waiting. Waiting for you to call, write, send any inkling that your alive. If they do call its about the Army and what we need to do for you over here or how disconnected ya'll get being over there. We often hear the Civilian attitude how they do the same. Maybe in some ways but if they've never been there then they just don't KNOW. They act like we are dramatic that we can get through it. When we fight to wake up the next day so the kids can eat. There are some who don't know how we get through a weekend and some don't comprehend a 6 month deployment, 8 month deployment, 12 month deployment, 18 month deployment... or longer... That we are lucky to see you for two weeks total out of that entire year.

It all boils down to the LOVE and Pride we have for our hero. Its what we do to make sure you do your job well, you let us continue to have freedom and you come home safe.

Many days I am sure us wives want to throw in the towel because your being "disconnected" that your struggling with God knows what.. We are struggling too and we can't see how your struggling as well. Thats when we get stressed out, lonely, crying, and frustrated and we have to gather up strength and push down the pain to stay strong for you and the kids. I was lucky to have two ends of the spectrum those who show me how to get it done and how NOT to do it. But that was just a part of it. Having that love for you to come home too (waiting for you to come home too it) is what gets us through each deployment.

I may not be a GREAT Military Wife but I can be a STRONG Military Wife.

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(army)Wife said...

Somedays I don't know whether I'm being a good military wife or not. Because some days this just all really sucks.

Other days, I think I do a pretty good job :)

Bella said...

Army Wife duty does SUCK. Especially when the men don't show their support and we have to constantly explain to families. Its worse than being a single mom and I can vouch for that because I was a single mom. Being a Single mom doesn't make you a bad mom... no more than being a military wife makes you a bad wife :) Hang in there and be there for your man thats all we can do.