Monday, April 20, 2009

Ft Campbell Today

Today is the day of Rick's start of his procedures done on his mouth. I think they are going to do a couple of local's then he will need the good juice. So we are a bit nervous with it all. We had a long day yesterday we went to church and are enjoying the Mustang Marriage message that Pastor Mark is talking about. Its about small maintence before huge repairs. Its true.. we've known it. Then after church we drove up here and it was a long drive with a lot of hard rain and we saw two bad accidents on the way. Pray for these families. We will be heading home today after enjoying a little shopping or window looking and some lunch and swimming. We shouldn't be stopping in Nashville except to stretch our legs. Oh yeah and last night I literally slept the entire night without coughing... strange huh? Hopefully since my antibiotics are gone that the infection is clearing up.

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