Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Weird Mood

Yeah I have mood swings I admit it. Some seem stronger than they were before I got pregnant I think maybe I am just a little easier effected by them.

I've been throwing a pity party and just kinda trying to figure things out for myself.

Firstly Donnie IMed me out of no where hte other night trying to be hateful because he's probably jealous and he said it was a deliberate attempt to replace Mackenzie. I mean I would love to have Mackenzie home but its just not in the cards right now. But if I was trying to replace Mackenzie I would have learned my lesson from Skylar.... and yes I heard it then too.... But for some reason his asinine stunt is bothering me.

I guess I feel so disconnected. My two closest female friends are in far off lands lol... and I can't share a happy moment with them except on the occasional telephone call. My family hasn't called me at all. Rick's reaction still isn't what I would like it to be but my expectations are two high and just hates shopping but Input would be nice when buying things for his son.l WHen I was pregnant with Mackenzie my oldest sister was pregnant at the same time (I gave birth 5/31 and she had Matthew 5/24) and my middle sister and I were real clsoe for a moment LOLOL. Then when I was pregnant with Skylar my middle sister was pregnant with the twins so we did everything together pretty much. (Her twins bday is 10/4 and Skylar's is 10/21) Now all my sisters are done with their babies *I think* and I am all lonesome LOL. Its just an adjustment pregnancy I guess I have no family around and my close Army friends have moved or are moving before the baby comes. Every Pregnancy is different and this is one difficult for me emotionally in a new way.

What are some experiences some of you have had being away from Family and friends? I am not new here but I don't have my little groupie of friends anymore lol.

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