Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am tickled

The Military Life has been a hard adjustment for Skylar at some points. Her bestest friend Cari and her have been friends since

they were babies. Literally a life long friendship. We moved away from Cari and her family in order to join the Military

lifestyle. We visit as often as we can and keep in touch. Skylar's first friend to show her the ropes was her future "husband"

Nic... Eventually like all Military Families Nic's time was up here and they had to move to their next duty station. Many of her

playmates and friends have moved away in the two years we have joined the Military family. Mikayla, Molly, Colin, John Robert,

Genesis, Kayla, Kendra, Dezaray, and Phoebe... and neighbors. Skylar was blessed to be a social butterfly and has no problems

making friends but she does't forget the ones that moved on. She recently she asked to move to Colorado because Colin moved there.

She doesn't realize it yet but her close friend Nicole will have to go to their next duty station. So as a surprise to both girls

I am going to make a small scrapbook for them to hold on to with pictures of them together.

Today I started the project. I made three folders. One for each book I plan on making. I started copying and pasting the many

pictures from all my different files. I had started with close to 850 pictures. My goal was to get each friend down to 30 each or

less. So I went through and deleted the ones I had doubles of due to resizing and editing. I deleted the ones that just were to

blurry to actually risk printing. It was actually quite a few due to lighting of the Youth Center and Ballet School. Many other

places and my husband probably didn't take a lot of time to consider the quality of pictures the camera would take haha. Then I

went through every two or three pictures and decided which one I liked best because there was such a similarity (Skylar and Rick

helped.) Finally each friend is under 30 photos!! YAY. So now I have to jump on task and make these books. I plan on making one

for each friend and one for Skylar to hold on to too. So she won't forget the friends that helped her during such a big life


I am tickled that I tackled and I am looking forward to such a cool project. I have less than two months to complete the first 2


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