Friday, February 13, 2009

Clean House

I've been watching Clean House on the Style network all morning and it inspires me. YES I am not a good house keeper. I can do it when I am motivated and when I feel everyone is giving equal effort and really feel bad at the moment for hubby who takes on ALL the crap himself. He deligates chores to James and James likes to give his own ultimatiums about doing chores. This doesn't go over well with me but I am tired of the back lash I get from always going between James and Rick. If Rick wants to take James' back talk then I guess he doesn't care. He doesn't show he cares about taking on the brunt of the housework. He doesn't care that James doesn't have respect. Yeah I am saying it. I mean it and Rick knows how I feel.

I love to be organized and I wish someone would give me the money to completely organize my house. Bookshelves and bookshelves of books and DVD's. Yeah thats my husband's treasure and no I don't feel he should have to get it up. It just needs space which military housing doesn't give. I do like to shop for clothes for Skylar. I don't think I shop for clothes for myself alot but there just isn't room in my closet that I share. I think the kids have a bigger closet than we do. I would love to see Skylar's clothes and toys organized and if i feel I am given adequate room and ability then I would disguard what doesn't fit. A few months ago I had Barbie stuff in the living room but it was well tucked away IMHO so no one would even know its there. Her doll house is thin and sticks in the foyer closet just perfect... well somehow it doesn't anymore :( The rule was that was the only toy allowed in the living room unless she had permission for something else. When she was done with it she was supposed to tell me or James for us to put it away and if she didn't put it away it would be moved to a place where she wouldn't be allowed to play with it. Her bedroom is very cluttered in space. There isn't much space in her room with all the bookshelves and dresser that needs repair. I just feel bad and wished I had help and some expertise on opening it up. Rick and I are at war, he's constantly bringing up purging Skylar's room with her toys because she doesn't play in it because she makes it a mess and being in my condition I just can't clean it up all the time and I am the only one allowed to clean it because no one would do it correctly. Toss here Toss there.. Throw away things I may have spent alot of money on. I think there is nothing wrong with a little girl having alot of dolls, bears, and stuffed animals. Thats what she plays with! But thats one of many of my goals to get our family more organized.

I need your help. Post pictures of how you keep your kids organized and in check. Skylar is 6 and doesn't like to play alot by herself but we are working on it since by August a lot of my time will be taken up by the new baby at least until we get into a groove. Do you limit the amount of dolls and stuff a little girl has? I don't think Skylar has TOOOO MUCH. She didn't have any toys 2 years ago when we moved here.

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Dayna said...

Well, instead of you going through them. Ask her, is there anything you are done playing with. That you would like to pass onto another little girl who doesn't have one? Teach her to give to the less fortunate. Maybe if you buy her a new toy that SHE REALLY wants, ask her to give up two toys she doesn't use or need. Just like if you bring one item into the home, find two you aren't using.