Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby Names

Bella's Baby Names. So here are a few names I come up with. Bella is a name that's not my ACTUAL name just something I played with naming my first baby (Mackenzie) I have gotten out voted twice but as Danielle says I have been carrying it around in my pocket for nearly a decade. I had the name in my pocket before it was popular. I got it off of a TV show back in the day. Megan is a name I dreamed shortly before I found out I was preggers. Doane is a family name Rick wants to use.
William Doane
Megan Isabella
Megan Elizabeth (SIL's name)
Megan Marie (Sisters middle name)
Megan Grace (Rick's moms middle name and a nickname of mine)
Isabella Grace
Tristan Doane
Thomas Doane
Megan Catherine
Megan (first name) Jacqueline Corrine (either of these being a middle after my grandma)
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