Sunday, September 14, 2008

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Your Anniversary Day
A few of my girlfriends from work were huddled around the water cooler today talking about different things their husbands had gotten for their anniversaries. One girl started explaining how her husband had bought her their "Anniversary Day." I guess it’s similar to buying a star, but this service lets you buy a day. I couldn't believe how cute and romantic it sounded! She showed us the profile that her husband had made online. Her husband uploaded pictures from their wedding , and when the web page loads, a slide show of their pictures starts playing . The next day she brought in the certificate that comes with it. It was so nice! It had their names written in calligraphy and it stated they were the sole owners of the day and no one else could ever own it. The name of the website is I have already hinted to my husband that I want our day for our anniversary. I just hope it’s not taken before he can get it! Anyways, I just wanted to share this with others because I thought this was a really great gift!
--submitted by Carol Ann Huntington

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