Tuesday, July 1, 2008

red dye

I am not sure most of the people out there hear about the controversy over Red Dye 40 in our foods. The Princess in the family is a very active little girl. Mostly normal like most children. She's not ADD or ADHD by any means she can sit through a movie and often becomes hypnotised by the cartoons. I do not believe she has ADHD most of the time I have my moments though! HAHA! Well a few years ago I worked with someone who's son does have ADHD. She was my boss and I was talking to the two managers. They told me sugar doesn't affect ADHD children its the Red Dye in their food. So the older and more active Skylar got I finally saw proof of this. When she has eaten or drank something with Red Dye in it. She is uncontrollable even to herself. She would literally bounce off the walls and tell you she doesn't know why she has to do it. Not to mention her mouth moves faster than her brain and most of her words don't make sense. So of course I want my child to not bounce out of her own skin so I avoid giving her anything with Red Dye when I can help it. Now if she wants a certain snack or treat with Red Dye I do let her have them but at a very limited amount. Such as yesterday she had a pop tart without asking. I mean I knew she had gotten one because she showed me a free offer on the box. Last night she was sooooo Hyper. Her brother asked me well did she have Pop Tarts today. Ok crazy me didn't check the ingredients in Pop Tarts. Last Night I did yes it does have Red Dye 40 in it. So maybe not all children get crazy like the Princess when she is "high" on Red Dye. Maybe she just has an allergy or sensitivity to it. I have even found it in her cold syrup and or cough medicine. Imagine how hard it is to find allergy medicine that is dye free thats NOT Benedryl. The doctor told me not to give her Benedryl. Finally I found Zyrtec with no dyes! YEAH! She can have flavored bottled water but not the type you pour into your water and mix with the exception of Lemonade which the jury is still out about.


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Snicker said...

Your daughter is not alone with asensitivity to dyes. Many children (and adults) need to avoid this chemical. It is a petroleum derivative as are the other azo dyes. Red is often the only one blamed because of its prevalance in our foods today. Yellow #5 comes in second followed by the other 4.

You will find www.ADHDdiet.org very interesting. It is the website of a nonprofit support group (Feingold Association) that has been helping families since 1976.