Sunday, June 8, 2008

What is your worst dating experience?

My worst dating experience was when I was first starting to date. All of my group of friends used to play around on the phone chat lines and I met a man off the phone chat line and he took me to my favorite resturant for dinner and then proceeded to talk about this woman through the whole date and put her down. He didn't know that woman was me. Its either that or I was set up on a blind date by someone much older than me when i was 21 and my sister suggested I go to the movies with him, so I did. The whole time I was clearing my throat hinting I wanted a drink or snack or something. He never bought me anything but my movie ticket but expected his good night kiss. EWWW NO! Ok guys so if you want to take a girl to the movies (Which I hate going on a date to the movies) then buy her something if your too broke or cheap then don't take her there and don't expect a good night kiss for being cheap on a first date.

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