Friday, June 6, 2008

Modesty and your Child

A fellow Army wife I met when I moved here, actually one of the first one's I met when I moved here. She blogs a bit. She had a new blog talking about God and Modesty.

Here's a link to her blog just to give her credit. Credit where credit is due.

Our Adventure: God, Family, Country.

Her blog talks about while she was on Vacation in Florida with her three small children and husband they had to have a discussion with their oldest about Modesty.

I have had my own battles about small children and modesty. When Skylar was a baby I knew a person that would dress her chunky monkey of a two year old in the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen line of clothing. Much to my disgust this woman was dressing her two year old in mid drift shirts and shorts where I could plainly see the diaper. Yes its just a diaper and it usually covers the precious baby parts needed to cover but I still didn't like the image of a two year old showing that much skin. Nor have I agreed with Skylar wearing a bikini at this age. I don't know if I will ever be comfortable with it. It is fine if you dress your child in a bikini (they are real cute on babies) but just not my daughter. Skylar being the kind of wild child she is. If the skirt is above her finger tips I am reluctant to let her wear it at all. (Those were my moms rules when I was young). If she does wear it she wears some type of cover underneath (even when she was a baby). I was blessed with a lanky skinny minnie five year old. She weighs 42 lbs and she is 3 foot 9 inches today at her check up. She's got a very small waist and very long legs so finding something that is long enough to cover skin and small enough in the waist without making her mummified is quite the challenge. I have the shirt test if we are going to a very public place that if she lifts her arms over her head and her belly is exposed the shirt gets put in the donation pile.

Life came as a big change when Skylar and I went from our apartment in Georgia of Freedom here to where we have to watch our every move because we are out numbered with boys. Plus with Rick around (when he's around) She has to learn she can't just be around when someone is naked or in the shower as well at her age she is starting Kindergarten she has to learn she can't just be naked around people too!

As Leah asked what talks have you had with your child? What are some rules and guidelines you have for modesty and privacy in your family?

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