Friday, June 6, 2008

Dell customer service

This is the complaint that Rick and I made with the BBB against Dell.  I recently purchased an extended warranty on my year old Dell Computer. My Wife called while I am deployed to the middle east after experiencing a technical problem today. She called Dell Tech Support. She was already warning them to not leave her without a computer since this is a source of income for her and also the main way of communication between her and I while I am deployed. She started the call around 11 o'clock. She went through 5 tech's one of which made the computer unresponsive and it still didn't work correctly after several system restores and a direct connect. She insisted in being connected with a supervisor. Her requests went denied until she gave them one last chance. She was then connected with a customer care rep. My wife told the Customer Care Rep My wife spent more than 3 hours on the phone with Tech Support and they made the issue worse and made my computer unresponsive. My wife had spent enough of my day on the computer and My wife needed to go do other things. She begged My wife to give tech another chance. My wife told her My wife needed her computer so she could send me a replacement and My wife would send mine back and My wife would be happy to send mine back to get fixed. She wanted to transfer me to tech support and she would explain they would only have a couple of minutes. My wife gave the phone to my son while she stepped away. They got disconnected. My wife called back the number she was given and went through the last two tech supports and finally gave up after starting back at square one. What good does a warranty do if they just make the problem worsen and spend hours of our day fixing it through a telephone and a direct connction to the dell system?

So this was weeks ago at the end of April. I was contacted by Dell and they tried to do it there way and continue to do it there way and I wasn't having it. They continued to blow me off and yell at me. They have continued to call me and harass me finally someone who seemed to understand what I am going through has done some tests and still no answers. My next option will be to get my hard drive backed up on my own dime and reinstall Vista. The fact this guy took time out and sent me the disks that I was supposed to have been sent when I ordered my dell tells me something.

Rick and Suzy both sent me this link

Dell deceived customers, judge says

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