Monday, May 5, 2008

In Support of Our Troops

Rick and I were talking online the other day. He shared and article about the bombing of the USS Cole. That happened before 9/11 months before 9/11. Al-Qaida is responsible for that as well. Yemen where the bombing took place free's our prisoners and the FBI and CIA aren't having an easy time cooperating with the Yemen's government.

I have heard people say we were roped into this war in Iraq because the President fed on our Patriotism after 9/11. My opinion is its untrue. I see the kind in people till they show me the ugly. After reading this article I think its late coming on our attack on al-Qaida.

You can not like who's running for office or who is currently in office. Since our President has the lowest approval in history. But there is no excuse for not having patriotism. Sometimes we support family members we don't approve of. Sometimes we support each other not in the best situations. Sometimes we find things we like in an un likeable situation. You can find ways to Support the person(s) in office even though we don't approve. You can ALWAYS support the troops. There is no reason not to. That's not coming from an Army Wife, Mom and an Air Force Brat that's coming from a logical thinker.

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