Saturday, May 10, 2008

Army Wives

I was sitting here doing my usual thing and talking to Rick online. His connection wasn't stable so we got interupted a few times. I stumbled across video blogs from Military Wives. Particularly this one She some how got on my Myspace profile when I added Roxie Dean's A Soldier's wife song...

On the side where it lets you choose similar video's to watch they had an Army Wives Music Video from the TV Show set to Far Away by Nickelback.

Then of course since I relate mostly to Roxy from the show I clicked on all the Roxy/Trevor Clips. I don't know if its just me but I kept thinking wow she plays the part real well  or is it just me because I see my thoughts in her head. All those troubles, concerns, and such as Trevor deployed. I started to tear up a bit. Shew I don't know if I am going to be able to handle the second season next month of Army Wives. God forbid something happens to Trevor on the show I would be royally pissed! LOL Lifetime would never hear the end of me lmao.

Then I found an Army Wives Music video of A Soldiers Wife and it got to me thinking some more... but of course. Between Rachel's Vlog's and my own experiences. I think that the TV does portray some of what we go through to the people who would otherwise have no clue. Believe me there are some out there. There are some Military Wives who still haven't gotten their first clue. Like I have mentioned in previous blogs there are people who tell me man I would love it if my s/o was out of my hair. Yeah sometimes I wish for Rick to get out of my hair but never that far for that long LOL. A deployment is normally NOT a blessing and its not a comforting thing to hear. Maybe its just because Rick and I do enjoy spending ALOT of time together that we don't feel that way. We still haven't gotten past the honeymoon stage and I kinda of hope I never do. But believe me for myself deployment isn't a day that goes by that I say man I am glad hes' not here. I used to be miserable when he was on duty or when he had Casulity Assistance Officer duty. But now I've learned. He can go out for a week or two with training (Pray not as soon as he gets home however lol) He can go out in the field. There won't be a bitch or a gripe from my lips. Anywhere stateside for up to a month is better than this. *sigh* I am just rambling some thoughts. So I will go for now and do some housework. Pray for my husband and Alex's safety. Thankfully they are alive and they will come home.

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Bob Andelman said...

You might enjoy this Mr. Media podcast interview with Katherine Fugate, creator of Lifetime TV's hit series "Army Wives." She talks about Season Two, working with Kim Delaney and Catherine Bell, being a writer on "Xena," and life with her aunt, Barbara Eden ("I Dream of Jeannie").