Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my day

Today we had Ballet. They took pictures in their costume I will upload them in a minute and resize them for Myspace. So that was crazy and hectic I was unprepared and already stressed before lol. After that I went ahead and headed over to the Child Wise building to meet up with Jess and Mir for the remainder of playgroup and after Playgroup is the Waiting Spouses meeting. The Waiting Spouses meeting went on a little longer than usual. I came home I got to talk to Rick for just a little bit because it was right at bedtime. We were supposed to go to the Botanical Gardens but didn't get to go. I had to go to the bank and deposit a check then since Skylar was so disappointed about going to the Garden I promised her I would take her to the park. I was worried no one would be there. But Talitha and her children were there along with another lady that I met at Playgroup. They left and as they left Pegan and her children showed up. So Skylar got a good bit of playtime in and it was great being able to hang out with the wives.

So many around me seem to put down some of the lifestyle. Not so much being an Army wife but their surroundings. I am the simple girl next door that appreciates her full tank of gas that her husband (and the Army) provide. The fact that I know so many of my neighbors and get to not just know their names but I can also break bread with them and fellowship with them. The nice weather and the spectacular mountain views around me. The fact that I can go to the store and not worry about having two quarters more for a loaf of bread. Skylar gets ballet and loves it. I appreciate what is given to me. Sure he may be underpaid, he may be gone for a length of time. As long as he comes home safe to me its all worth it!

Rick and I are really excited about letting our family grow here in Huntsville. Its a beautiful place.

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