Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I saw God Today

Today started out as a bad day. I woke up drained and a little blue. I felt like a rock climber just trying to get a good grip. I am hanging on standing strong but I wanted that GOOD grip. If it was any other day I wouldn’t have gone to Story Time as scheduled today because I had the blues. I knew I had to be there though because my friend Christa is visiting from Georgia. She was supposed to be at the Library. She is staying with my friend Pegan. So we had a few minutes at Storytime and then I went over to Pegan’s for lunch to talk and let the kids play. Pegan’s got two (her oldest was at school), Christa has her two, and then I have my one. I came home just to change Skylar because Pegan didn’t want me to go home yet. I told her I needed some time with James and get to do some spring cleaning. She wanted me to come to the PX, to Dinner then to Shawn’s T-Ball Practice. So I went. First I came home to change Skylar into jeans out of her skirt. On the way home I heard a country song on the way home about a new daddy. "Peeking through the nursery window she’s sleeping like a rock. She’s laying there with my name around her wrist." Something about his miracle baby girl. The song made me think of my husband and how I can’t wait to enjoy the thrill of sharing that new love with him. I know we’ve both experienced that joy before but now I can share it with him. Those beautiful first moments with something so special. He can have an added gift that this is something he wants so much and that he didn’t think you would or could ever again. Truly a Miracle baby. I didn’t think I would ever get the chance again either. I was going to come home and put James to work we are going to do spring cleaning in the kitchen and the next project is to tackle the entire back yard and test out the lawn mower. The grass still hasn’t grown quite yet but the backyard needs to be cleaned and the sandbox taken care of. But Pegan and Christa wouldn’t hear of it so I will be joined them for the rest of the evening I missed Rick today. His internet wasn’t working. I am feeling better. Thanks for loving me so much baby. I hope you slept well. You need your beauty sleep to continue rocking my world lover.

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