Friday, April 11, 2008

CHD Awareness/ Posting for a Fellow Military Wife

I don't post much and I don't want this to seem like an advertisement
to "sell" products. Please indulge me if you can and read.

My husband typed this up for people us to pass around..

As some of you know, or don't know, our daughter, Emily, was born
with a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) that has required several
evasive surgeries and procedures in her short life of two years. As
a result, Angie and I have become involved with an organization
called the Children's Heart Foundation (CHF).

This organization is based out of the Chicago, IL area, with a newly
formed Ohio chapter in Columbus. The purpose of this group is to
raise CHD awareness and fund research aimed at preventing CHDs, as
well as increase the life expectancy of CHD sufferers.

Angie has worked very hard over the last six months to put together a
CHF Awareness Day with the Columbus Crew. This event is scheduled to
take place 23 Aug 08 at the Crew's home game against Real Salt Lake.
The cost of the tickets is $15 each, and CHF gets $3 for every ticket
that we are able to sell.

To order tickets, you can use the link provided. This takes you to
the Crew website. You may also print out the flyer and send it to
Chris Wilson with Crew customer service. 614-447-CREW

This is very important to us. Even if you are not a soccer/football
fan, please consider buying a ticket. If you cannot, or do not, want
to attend, you can have the tickets sent to us and we will use them
to make sure that every "Heart Kid" that wants to go can, regardless
of whether their family can afford it or not.

We would also like to take some to the cardiac units at Cincinnati
and Columbus Children's Hospitals the week of the game to allow
stressed out parents, grandparents, and siblings a chance to get out
of the hospital for a while and enjoy a great event. Having been
there, Angie and I know how important that can be.

Our address is 105 S Highview Rd Middletown, OH 45044.

Please forward this to any friends, family, coworkers, church
members, business owners, sports fans, basically anyone that you
think might be interested, and ask them to do the same. The more
tickets we are able to sell, the bigger the presence we will be
allowed to have at the game. Also, once you arrive, look for our
tent/table on the plaza and come meet some of the kids and show your

As always, please contact me if you have any questions or would like
more information on the game or the organization.

Thanks! Angela Wrather

Ticket Link:

Organization link:

Thanks from Angela, Greg, Jake and Emily


Laura said...

My baby brother, born in 1975, had a congenital heart defect, and died at 5 months of age in the operating room. Treatments for heart defects have come a long ways since then. Thank you for passing this on!

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