Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Army Get a Clue

What part of Army Life doesn't the Army understand? First of all they should recognize and deal with the fact that 99% of us are away from Family and Close trusted friends. We got through friends that live near us like underwear. Ok bad example. So when our husband's are working either on the home front or deployed we don't have "Automatic" babysitters lined up.

I was interested in this Parenting Class on How to help your child succeed in school. It came quite a convient time because of Skylar starting Kindergarten. So I emailed the ACS lady and asked her if there would be childcare provided. She said she didn't know she would pass on my message but she pointed out my daughter was well behaved enough to sit in or sit in the lobby and watch cartoons. Well first of all I beamed with pride. The second I started to calculate timing. Ballet ends as the class begins and I have to drive to another location. I am supposed to bring my own lunch. So even if I could drop Skylar off at the CDC (she hates it) How am I supposed to accomplish this? Its a PARENTING class and there wasn't onsite childcare provided. HMM.

Secondly is it just me or some older generation people just short with kids? They have a low tolerance? Because Skylar was really good and the ACS lady was just getting an attitude in my opinion. She told me she would pay for Skylar to go to the CDC tomorrow if I wanted to take the next class. As I was leaving she approached me and I said you know what no thanks my husband is deployed and I have respite hours I don't use because Skylar hates the CDC. What do you want from a five year old. She colored, drank water, and ate cookies for an hour. Didn't speak unless it was a whisper only got up to go pee and we sat in the back. I doubt anyone was distracted by my little girl.

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