Friday, April 11, 2008

American Idol

What's up fellow Americans? I can't blame you for not voting for Michael Johns because I don't call either. But the ones that are big voters what did he do wrong? Another great performer goes down the tubes! The biggest shocker I remember was Constantine. Yes I am biased. I love Constantine and I can see why he would rub people wrong because he's cocky and confident but looking at his performances he rocked! He had a good stage presence. I love everyone that has won American Idol but I do think Constantine can very well be an idol in the making. Chris Daughtry also is brilliant but just didn't have the same stage presence I think showed true talent. Chris was another shocking elimination. So what do you think? I guess American Idol is entertainment value.

On another note about American Idol. I watched the "Idol Gives Back Night" and I think one of my dreams is to use my talent of networking and re sourcing and help those in need. I got to thinking when they showed the mobile medical unit in the projects, that I would love to help those who can't find help. I think that's one of the best things I took away from Calhoun. I volunteered for Tallatoona and Tallatoona ( was in charge of helping the elderly and needy pay for medication and help with bills when they needed it. I remember one man that lived on a portable trailer on his mother's property and his Epilepsy was so bad. Tallatoona couldn't find help for this man because they would have had to put his income as his parents income. His parents made too much money to qualify. So what was to become of this man? Possibly die from his illness? What would happen to others in a similar situation? I had to reach out to him since I had Epilepsy till 21 and my first husband had died from his. I had to help. I told the lady that worked there and was in charge that he could get help from the Epilepsy Foundation. I gave him the number so he could get help even possibly get on social security. I felt good about my good deed even when the organization I volunteered for turned him down. What better in the world could I make than help people find organizations, churches, and resources to help them when they really need help. I am sure any effort on my part is appreciated.

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