Friday, March 21, 2008


Rick and now try to leave our webcam's rolling most of our days and nights so we can keep an eye on each other. Even while we sleep. We are on opposite schedules. He works mostly while I sleep and vice versa. He put me to bed last night and I cuddled in bed and flipped open my Nintendo DS for awhile just to do something and unwind. I could see my window with his webcam in it from my bed. I would glance up and he was reading a book by his computer. I closed my DS and cuddled up with some blankets and it felt like almost we were cuddling. Virtually Cuddling. I could almost smell him, feel him, touch him as he read his book. I didn't share my thoughts with him till this morning. Its almost as if he was here in my bed. It didn't feel so lonely. What a blessing Technology has given us.

He left me two emails for me to read this morning.


As I peer upon your troubled soul, restless as you try to sleep, your troubled dreams and thoughts tangle in your head, as a whirlwind images and thoughts tumble hither on on within your minds eye keeping sleep at bay. know my love that you can sleep, dream, and rest in my arms and my thoughts, I will watch over your sleep and guard your dreams and keep the nightmares reigned in.. for I am yours as you are mine
sleep my angel
sleep mia bella
and rest your thoughts
and dream of us

Watching You

I sit here, your blankie on my chair watching the drama that is the Stevens show, Tink wondering atop huddled body, licking and playing, wanting attention of her person, Skylar arms wrapped around her dolly a raggedy Annie as Tink plays with her, you cuddling a blanket dreaming of your far away lover, as he watches you .. sleep and dream
what a family. As James sleeps in the living room, seeking his own path, I love you baby
treasure and miss you ..always

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