Friday, March 21, 2008

Job Opportunity

Now wanted Proud Military Wives!
This is your mission if you choose to accept it.
Be a good Army Wife. Army wives are faithful. Not just to their husbands (a typical wife can do the same), Be faithful to your friends. Ignore gossip. Ignore the rude remarks of a Military wife going through a deployment. No matter if its her 1st or 100th. Any house can seem like your healthy, happy home but we don't know what personal demons each of are fighting. We don't know what goes on behind those doors. Don't try to assume or else you will be one of those Military Wives who gossip and feed on drama. On the other side of the fence we are all understanding that each of us get moody at times but that's no reason to be degrading, insulting, and just treat others like they are worthless. We are often told that we are a family of our own. That each of us are sisters and brothers. Treat us accordingly. Being a military wife is a job. More of a job than I imagined even watching my sister become apart of our great military and then herself a stay at home Air Force Wife. I watched her suffer through deployment and a hardship tour. The deployment came and she was carrying my twin niece and nephew. She's a brave one in my opinion. My older niece was 4 at the time as well. She had quite her hands full. Now I have become an Army Wife. I try and send letters everyday even if its a post card with a few thoughts. I try and send a care package weekly. I never realized how bad they would need things. In between letters, packages, emails and such I am always on the look out for something else special or something that is a treat he would enjoy in his box and would make his day as he cracks open the tight seal on that flat rate package. Being a Military Wife is a job like being a mom. You don't get days off, You don't get sick days, Your on call at all hours of the night when they decide they need to hear your voice or they have that brief moment in their day to call. You worry sick about your loved ones. My husband personally requires a lot of my attention and he deserves it. There is a lot more to being a military wife than taking care of the troops, being patriotic and doing just what we do on our own at home. Its about supporting our peers which is our fellow Military Wives. No matter what branch of service their husband's serve under, what rank our husband's are at, What the situation is... Being a Military Wife is a Job. You don't always like the jobs you need to do. You don't always like your boss. But its your duty to serve here on the home front as much as it is for our husbands to serve abroad. At times we must mow the grass when the heat is at its highest. Sometimes we must travel miles to just spend some time with our husbands. We must sacrifice time. We wash his uniform with pride and run the family house with order, and We must surround ourselves with people that we wouldn't be friends with otherwise. But we serve with pride in our Silent Ranks. We meet people that we cherish for our whole lives. We have experiences other's only dream of. We have experiences that is someone else's worst nightmare.
Being a Military Wife is a Job, A Payless job with very little benefits but we are rewarded with so much more. I am a proud Army Wife who serves in the Silent Ranks for a year now and will be serving for a total of 3 or 4. Then for Rick he has chosen to try my world. When we "retire" from the military world we will still serve in someway as a Military Mom and Dad supporting Alexander on his journey.

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