Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I was forwarded this email from someone in my Mommy Loop. She doesn't have a step son. She's not an Army Wife. So when she forwarded it to me it sounded like it was meant for me. This was her response anyways and I told her it was probably meant for me and I will be sure to find out who this woman is.

I am certianly am not a rank whore. I don't wear my husband's rank on my sleeve. No I wasn't there from the begining. Sure there is an age difference. It makes no difference to us. We make each other extremely happy! My ex told me my blogs were fake and made up he didn't believe what I wrote. He also said my hair was like an old hippy. HA sounds like jealousy to me! Jealousy that he doesn't believe Rick can make me happy. That I will stay faithful to my husband whether he is deployed or not. That I make him happy. That we are in love. There is nothing FAKE about this. Except me pretending I like to clean and be a good house wife. That I don't have an addiction to shopping HAHA!

We met each other at the perfect time in our lives (for the most part). There is no doubt in either of our minds that this wasn't perfect.

I may have gotten the tail end of his service. I didn't marry the soldier because he's a soldier and I don't identify him as a soldier he is my husband who I just so happen to be proud of. Not because he's a soldier but because he is a wonderful husband and father! There are many Army Wives who have been with their husbands since boot camp and AIT and they do where their husband's rank on their sleeve. Thats a rank whore!

There is nothing nice or pretty about being an Army Wife. It is not the easiest job in the Army as the stickers say. I certainly think my husband has the harder job. Perhaps I am used to being able to do this on my own. I can do this because of him. I don't glamorize it. I show my patriotism and pride in what our soldiers do! I come from a Military Family and I have always been supportive and in awe of my Former Air Force sister now turned Air Force wife. She even had more challenges than I during her husband's deployment. Who am I to shake a stick at alot of these ladies?

Anyways to me the rank whore is the woman down the street who cries wolf while her husband is on his 6th deployment yet she also brags his rank. She expects the Army or others to do things for her because of his rank... That's a Rank Whore! I am just indeed a proud Army Wife. Proud of my Soldier! I didn't have to know him through all his years of service to be proud of what he is done.

I agree with my friend who says to the so called Proud Army Wife. I sure your not one to be living on my block or my street and I certainly hope there are none others like you!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Barbara Sillers <applebees1212@yahoo.com>
Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 9:41 PM
Subject: ?
To: someone in my Mommy

So you are as old as your stepson almost?.... hummmm I see your
husbands time in... so you just decided to hop in now that all the hard work is
done? How convient you missed all the basic training, being beside him
while he worked to get where he is now, right when you jump in and claim to be
an "Army Wife".... you havn't earned that title... you are what we call a rank
whore. An Army wife earns her title just like her husband does in the
Army. we are Proud wives, not just girls that hop on at the end on the

This was her response anyways and I told her it was probably meant for me and I will be sure to find out who this woman is.

I have no idea who this came from. If it is from this group or
what. If it isn't, I'm sorry but I don't see why anyone else would
have my email.

First, I don't have a stepson, only a husband and a
golden retriever!

Who are you to be name calling?

And if you are
so good at researching, you'd know that I am NOT an ARMY WIFE.

Whether it
is true or not (I CAN ASSURE YOU NOT in my instance) but whoever you are
pointing your finger at. I don't know if it is necessary to call anyone an

Whoever you are "Proud Army Wife" I hope there aren't
more like you.

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