Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rick loves his confrontational part two

Rick knows I LOOOOVE Apple bee's. Not so much their dinner food but I am perfectly content with a blonde brownie for desert and a long ice tea to get me some HAPPY!. Well I went with some friends. We waited over 45 minutes for our food. (seating time was immediate) They brought the other couple's entree's out I started to notice that they were done before even reciving my steak. We had to ask for refills, straws, silverware, and the kids food (Mac and Cheese). So I went and asked for a manager and he covered our meal (6 people) minus the alcohol and even threw in our Blonde Brownie. Go me I saved the day. So I had a delicious steak dinner and blonde brownie for free :) Go me. Its rare for me but I left an awesome tip for the wait service (not the cooks). The manager told me 4 cooks called in sick so they had a kitchen staff consisting of all management (shouldn't they do a BETTER job?) lol. excuses excuses bs excuses. YOUR FIRED lol

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