Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Busy Week

Wow you ready for this?


Friday~ I did some running around. I went back out later that evening with a friend and she took me to get my hair cut and Skylar's hair cut. Although they didn't do what I asked them to do with my hair and two people told me they couldn't tell my hair had been cut. Skylar's bangs were too long as well. UGH it was just an annoying experience.

Saturday My husband called at 6 am and woke me up to tell me he wouldn't be able to meet online our usual time. I went back to sleep and between 6 am and 7 am I dreamed that I was with my "uncle" we went to the mall. I was driving a big conversion van and I put it in a ditch. So we went ahead and went inside instead of taking care of it. I was thinking oh no I have forgotten about the van since my uncle visited a month ago. I hadn't told the insurance company I hadn't told Rick. I also dreamed that my pregnant friend Jess Rose begged me to go with her to go get her hair done. She had been having some back pains and she was 37 weeks pregnant so I didn't want her going alone.
So in reality I knew she said she was leaving at 10 and I thought ok that was cool but when I called her at 8 to tell her I could go because Rick wasn't coming online. She was bugging me to go by 8:30 LOL

We went to the Hair Stylist but the salon manager kept telling us to come back so we went to Target, Then Movie Stop. Then Came back got her hair done got Skylar's hair redone. Then home to get her room mate and daughter. So we could go to Operation Christmas Bear. Its a Christmas party for families of deployed soldiers and the rest of the military I guess but we were special  guests. Santa was there handing out special bears, face painting, shirt painting, made special coupon books, Train, Makes ornaments for soldiers, Mrs Claus, Star Wars Characters, Ghetto Mickey and Minnie, Scooby, Blue from Blues Clues, and Ghetto frosty.. Ah I can't remember everything. So we did that till almost 4 o'clock. My pregnant friends room mate had to go to work and Jess needed me to stay with her because she had to do some errands like getting her daughter diapers, and Christmas dresses etc. Anyways so we both spent WAY to much money. In order for her to take her room mate to work I stayed with her at her house. We wrapped presents and watched the Holiday with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, and Jack Black... Then I stayed home with Mikayla while she went and picked up her room mate. Then she brought me home at 11:30. I was very exhausted. Oh and about the Van dream when I woke up I was thinking James would tell me if I were missing a vehicle right? I called my friend and said I have never owned any type of van right? HAHA!

Sunday. The Jess Rose, Her room mate Sarah, and Mikayla went to the circus. I stayed home due to money and stuff and I just wanted a break

Monday Jess rose had her OB appointment so I babysat Mikayla while she went alone. Her room mate was at work. She left me at about 10 am and called me at 2 pm to tell me she was going to have to have a c-section in an hour. I was so upset for her due to her husband being in Korea. He wasn't due home till Saturday. They did an emergency c-section due to low amniotic fluid. So she picked up Sarah at work and then came by to get her bag and kiss Mikayla by. I had my other friend Jess D. come and pick us up because I HAD to mail off Christmas packages. Jess D. Her two boys Collin 4½ and Landon 1, Mikayla 2, and mine Skylar 5. Went to Army Community Service to find out exactly how the Red Cross works getting her husband home then I had to call the Captain for more information. So between the Captain and the doctor they got daddy home later...Went to the shipping place to mail of Rick and Alex's christmas packages. We went to Burger King and got dinner for the kids. Landon has to be fed when HE wants or he screams bloody murder. Kid likes to eat! Then I decided to spend the night with Jess D so I don't have to have a constant eye on Mikayla. They didn't do Jess's c-section till 11 pm. Because she had fries. Molly Fay came into this world shortly after weighing 6 lbs 6 ounces.

Tuesday. We took Collin to preschool. I had playgroup and a waiting spouse meeting then we Went and got some flowers and balloons for the new momma. Took Mikayla to the hospital to see her mommy and sister. Then did some more running around and didn't again get home till dinner time.

Wednesday. I got a call that Jess needed Preemie clothes for Molly since she didn't fit into anything. She also needed a car seat cover and some towels. So I grabbed her everything she needed after looking in two places. I promised her I would take Mikayla to the Christmas Tree Lighting because the girls were promised to ride in Santa's sleigh. By the time we got done shopping it was time to go get changed and go to the Tree Lighting. She would only let me stay long enough for the girls to ride in the sleigh with real reindeer then go sit on Santa's lap. Then we took Mikayla and all Molly's things up to the hospital. Sarah quickly prompted me to leave. Daddy had just gotten there but I thought I had ok'd it with the new mommy to stay I guess not. Either way I was very upset about the whole day. I spent $70 on skylar's Christmas dress. I can't find the top half of it @@. I felt like I wasn't treated nicely for keeping Mikayla at least on Sarah's end. I was very upset and I felt my friends were upset with me

Thursday. Home sweet home after spending Monday and Tuesday night away from home and only getting to come home for 15 minutes a day. Thursday night I went and saw the Nutcracker.

Friday was Rick's old unit's Christmas party so the new parents and I went to that and then I went back to their house for some baby time. Then back home

Today My husband woke me up at Midnight this morning calling me. I woke up but not in time to answer the phone. I text him back to call me back. I tucked the phone in my bra so I would FEEL it and hear it. I waited till his usual time to be online and when he wasn't online I decided to call him. Lucky me I got through. I was like number one where the hell are you? he's like where the hell do you think I am. HAHA. VERRRY funny!. I was like number two. Why aren't you online? Because I am waiting in line to get online. Number three why the hell did you call me at midnight and not call me back? Did you get my text message? He's like yeah baby we talked. Really cause I don't remember a word! What did I say. He's like you called me. I was like no way. I so don't remember talking to you. My phone has no record of me calling him either LOL. FUNNY! This evening I baby sat with the room mate it was a very uncomfortable situation.


My vent for the week is one of my friends (the one with the two boys) was asking me why I was upset I lost Skylar's Christmas dress. She didn't understand the purpose or tradition in having a Christmas dress. She's like all that's important is that Skylar has a good time. I am sure she won't mind wearing what she has on etc etc. But when Asked Skylar said no she wanted to wear a dress. I also told her she would be upset if she lost something that cost her so much money too! and possibly because she had boys she didn't understand wanting to dress them up. She even asked her aunt if she had heard about a Christmas dress tradition. I was like silly that's why they always have an abundance of them at Easter and Christmas. Its nice to have nice pictures dressed nice. Go see Santa looking cute whatever. Then we had a tiff about how I was treated by this room mate. Ugh.


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