Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Day and a half

I haven't been home. Monday I had to meet the reporter at 12 o'clock oh let me tell you about this reporter. Well perhaps maybe in a private blog. :) So then I went from the location over to ACS then to Walmart. I honestly don't know where the time went. Then I went to my friends who was with me and she cooked dinner. We decided to let our kids sleep over and once they were asleep we would tackle wrapping presents. We did that till late. She brought me home to sleep. Rick called. Rick got online so I didn't get much sleep LOL. Then she had to take her son to preschool. So she went and wanted to drop off Skylar. I said well lets try to wrap presents while he's at school. Well what about Skylar? I was hoping she would stay out of our hair about the time the baby took a nap. No such luck. Then we went and picked up her son. Then we came back. Then we had to meet someone to sale a toddler bed, then to the PX then back to her house for Dinner and Tila Tequila

POOOR Dani... Better now than later Dani! Tila Physical chemistry isn't everything and its sleezy. Your not going to have physical chemistry with Bobby when your 80. How dare you even bring up marriage... Skank!

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