Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am ONE person!

I am done I am so frustrated I wished I never even made plans for Thanksgiving. I am so stressed already. I am not even the one cooking. This is a learning experience for next month though
I get out of bed at 8 am. I get a call from Jess D asking what time she wants Jess R to go pick up soldiers. So I call Jess R and her best friend answers Jess R is in the shower. I gave her Jess D's number to call when she gets out of the shower. Then Jess D calls back she says they have to be at the school thirty minutes earlier than she told me yesterday. I was like well Jess R is in the shower I will go in her place and sign for the soldiers. We were going to adopt soldiers in AIT to feed them both families were going to do it. I haven't gotten dressed, I haven't had a cigarette, I haven't had caffeine, I haven't fed anyone clearly. I hurry up and get dressed. She calls me again from my front door and Skylar isn't getting motivated to get dressed and I am really frustrated because being rushed isn't something I enjoy. So we hurry up and go to the school which is 20 minutes away. We had never been there before. We made it there finally right on time. Apparently there is some list we weren't told about and you had to be pre approved for the soldiers. We had been calling for a month trying to find soldiers to feed. Jess R, Jess D, and myself.
I am getting back in Jess' van and my phone is ringing two people are calling me at once. My phone says Jess R. but its my sister so I just start telling her about we can't get soldiers etc etc. She's yelling at me when I realize its her. I was like oh sorry it said you were someone else. She's like well I just called to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. YEAH! Happy right?
I call Jess R back and tell her what happened. Jess D wants to drive around post and see if we can find anyone. Her husband says its not allowed. We find four soldiers walking at the PX and we ask them. They say they aren't allowed but to go to the Barracks and ask a Sergeant. Then her husband starts bitching at her again about it. So we don't get to adopt any soldiers. I am pulling in my drive way and Rick's text messaging me wondering where I am. I get two text back to back and then his phone call. Honey are you home? Yes I just walked in the door? Ok well get online. Immediately Skylar's like I am soooo hungry mommy. I am like baby I can't feed you right at the moment wait till after I talk to daddy. I had to restart my computer. I am trying to talk to Rick and Dayna calls to talk about computer differences and components. She's breaking up and I am trying to understand her. Skylar's begging for food. Then I get to say two phrases to Rick and he says its time to go. Jess R is like when are you coming over? We are sitting around and eating veggies. I said we still haven't gotten showers I still haven't smoked a full cigarette. I am just not ready. She's like well we can come get Skylar. I am like she needs a bath but she's wearing some clothes yanno. She's hungry. She's like well hurry up and get a shower and come over. Rick's giving me a five minute warning. Telling me to call him in 5 minutes. I get off the phone with Jess R and go outside for my first smoke and I can't get through. I tried four times in tears and I can't talk to Rick. James gets up and I am just venting screaming because I am so tired of being a the middle man b the one pulled in fifteen directions. NOTHING used to come before Skylar and now I have to put Rick first sometimes. My day can't start till after I talk to Rick because he could be online between 9:30 - 10:30 am. I have told the Jess' this.
From now on if you call while I am online I am not going to answer the phone when I am talking to Rick its really unfair but I am sorry I HAVE to talk to my husband. I want everyone to just go away for the hour so I can talk to my husband. Dayna just called back Rick rang in I answer and no one's there. He calls back but can't hear me. That's ok though cause I am bawling. I get my husband's voice for a few seconds today.

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