Saturday, November 17, 2007

H.P. Lovecraft

Any of you familiar with this author?

I guess James likes it. So his uncle and aunt get him stuff about the book such as Cthulhu plush, t-shirts, and other junk.
Haha When Jess and I were working and Landon wanted Cthulhu and Jess was giving him hard time and saying James well it looks like a toy. James said mine mine my Cthulhu lol. So I was thinking there is an idea I will look for a second t-shirt for him. He walked in on me Ebaying and looked at some of the items on Ebay. He commented he would like the Super hero Cthulhu because its just cool. But he thinks we are over playing Cthulhu like its his favorite thing or something. He said Anytime Aunt Beth and Uncle George get me something its Cthulhu. I was like well because they know you like Lovecraft. I said there is nothing wrong with collecting things you like. Anyway's they have a really nice figurine type sculpture on Ebay, he is interested in and a few other things so that will be on his Christmas Wish List LOL. But he's right its a bit over done with the fanny pack, slippers, book pack, and nursery items... I think the Goth and Emo's took it over lmao. I think that's what offends him most.

So um how about Christmas Cthulhu Plush? Giant Cthulhu which is what he really wants LOL. That boy I swear he's like ya'll act like I want it or something they he will be oooh ahh all over the items lmao. I saved a bunch of links. Loves you... I can decorate his room in Green and have a toy box for his Cthulhu... Or would it be better in a doll bed with a canopy?

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