Monday, November 12, 2007

Bella is Frumpy

So I've been thinking alot today obviously. Maybe boredom. But I never wear sweats unless I am sick. Today I have a bad cold and I decided to leave sweats on all day. So you know I don't feel good right? Well I was talking to a friend and she's like I wear sweats all the time. I was like yeah I got on Rick's sweat pants and a hoodie.. I don't like to look frumpy if I leave the house. Perhaps because I am frumpy enough on my own. So that got me thinking...My adopted mom is always well put together and several of my family members are always well put together. So perhaps I don't like to be frumpy and I like to look well put together. Other than make up I don't usually care about curling my hair or make up. I am not high maintence I just like to look nicer. So I wonder what this means and if it means anything at all?

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