Saturday, November 17, 2007


My friend Jess and I are rearranging my Living Room and Eating Area. I wish I knew where my camera is... Anyway's my husband has ten book shelves of books he isn't willing to part with. One of them is cook books I just stored in the kitchen cabinets. So she moved three bookshelves in the eating area. Then we have six left to move. I moved my DVD book shelves (two tall ones) and my TV down a bit into a corner. My entertainment center wasn't stable so we threw that out. Skylar's computer desk wasn't stable we threw that out. We put the futon in the garage. Trying to make the house more Home & Gardens and less like a huge bachelor pad. James isn't thrilled but I think we got started by trying to make room for the Christmas Tree. As you walk into my house there is the shrunk china cabinet thingy and behind it 4 of the shelves are behind it so its like a wall and Jess says that's a bit ba blam! So she wants to move the shrunk but I think its too heavy and not much wall space to put it anywhere else except behind the couch and not sure I would be happy with it there. She wants to disperse the rest of the book shelves on other walls. Since Rick and James will not let us do anything else with these bizzilion books. I am cool with all the moving I too have to get used to it. Believe or not I tread lightly around here. I am the big bad intruder evil step mom. I don't want to seem like the moment Rick is deployed I am taking over the house and getting rid of what makes it "Rick's"... I know Rick's books and DVD's are precious to him. Its like I am not going to throw out his clothes in the closet and make it like he doesn't exist. My days are filled with Rick trust me. I want reminders of him around. Things that make us close. While Moving books I actually found one or two I would like to pick up when the mood strikes me. I laid them seperately so I can find them. Granted I don't know why we need the Birds of North America Guide book LOL but hey it may come in handy when Skylar's in school or I see an interesting bird eh? I will never make Rick get rid of his books I like them. Just he needs a man den poor man lol.

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