Monday, November 12, 2007

11/11 Happy Veterans Day

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Welcome to my Ho Hum Sunday.

Butch was supposed to be here yesterday but he figured it was too late and he was right. I probably wouldn't have been able to get him a pass into post last night. Happy Veterans Day to those who serve, have served, and their families who have sacraficed. I have been struggling with a bad cold and it got worse yesterday. Joy Joy. So if you read my frumpy blog then you would know I just stayed in Sweats all day. I was surprised when Skylar got a bath and came in on my bed and passed out for 3 hour nap. Maybe I shouldn't have let her take one because its nearly eleven now she is wearing herself out by being hyper in bed. I talked with Rick for about 30 minutes today. He pulled a muscle but he is feeling much better now he says. He'd better be! I had to tease him about how I am usually right about things. So around 4 pm I decided to take James and Skylar and go up to the Commissary. James became obsessed with getting his own head set. I must have mentioned something to him *halo*... I knew Butch was going to call as soon as I went into the commissary. I was just thinking I am going to have a car full of groceries and have to go drop off James and pick up my friend so she could drive my car up to the gate. But he just said he would be here on  Tuesday. I have to turn the rental in on Tuesday then i will have no car :( I planned on taking the title to the Metro up to Jag tomorrow and mail it off and go up to Housing and see what I could do to make Butch's stay nicer. But Jag and Housing will be closed because of the holiday. Tuesday is Ballet and Butch's arrival... Then after that who knows.

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