Thursday, October 11, 2007

What makes you happy when you are sad?

Music makes me happy when I am sad. Just relaxing in the tub, crying it out, and just getting it out of my system.
Even talking about it or at least blogging it out helps relieve the stress. My ultimate pick me up is my husband. Thats what's been so hard about this deployment. I had to deal with years in an emotionally abusive relationship where I was never comforted. I was never told everything is going to be ok. I had the worst years of my life during that time. Now when I am going through what seems like hell at the time. Rick knows just the right way to touch me. To touch my soul, to ease my mind. He tells me it will be ok. He doesn't even have to. He brings the rational back into my insanity. So when I am crying he isn't here to do that. Then I know damn well I shouldn't be crying over something I have no control over.

Finally as I have preached before Give it to God, Pray about it then shake it off... There is nothing you can do about it so no sense stressing....

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