Sunday, October 21, 2007

Video Blog You Save Me

Check out this video: Kenny Chesney - You Save Me

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Every now and then
I get a little lost
The strings all get tangled
The wires all get crossed
Every now and then
I'm right upon the edge
Danglin' my toes out over the ledge
I just thank God you're here

['Cause] when I'm a bullet shot out of a gun
['Cause] when I'm a firecracker comin' undone
When I'm a fugitive ready to run
All wild-eyed and crazy
No matter where my reckless soul takes me
Baby you save me

It's hard lovin' a man
That's got a gypsy soul
I don't know how you do it
I'm not sure how you know
The perfect thing to say
To save me from myself
You're the angel that believes in me
Like nobody else
And I thank God you do


Well I know I don't tell you nearly enough
I couldn't live one day without your love

When I'm a ship tossed around on the waves
Up on a high wire that's ready to break
When I've had just about all I can take
Baby, you,
Baby you save me


I am sitting here in tears watching this video. Not because your so far away. Not because your in danger. But because your love runs so deep its scary. Words have escaped me when your on the phone other than small talk and the I love you's. As always I am better writing than I am saying it aloud. I wouldn't even be able to verbalize my words already written. I've heard this song a time or two before but each time I hear it I do think of us. How you say I am your anchor keeping you sane and steady in the rough waters. Oh god it gets so emotional for me. Perhaps thats why my tongue doesn't wrap around the words. Finally a beautiful man saved me and he thinks **I** hung the moon and stars. HA! He's made a home for us not a house but a home and it could be all gone tomorrow and I would still feel at home as long as I had you and our kids. A home is built within the heart and when pieces of your heart are missing or your missing them thats when you feel homesick. Every now and then I get a little weary... and you save me. When you sense I may be twirling down or giving up.. Baby you save me. I know you don't think so. But it's so simple. You just tell me how proud you are of me and how much you love me and thats enough to give me hope and push forward and I am stronger than before. gah, just the words of the song speak how we feel, both of us. I can't imagine living one day without your love. Baby You Save Me.

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