Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rough Week

What a rough week.
I wanted to quit smoking this week and if I did I would be setting myself up for failure.
First Sprint Billing got messed up do to too many changes in our plan. James and I got that fixed. Then Alex's schedule changed. Alex my oldest step son who is now 21 and in the army himself. He is going oversea's in a few weeks and he decided to come "home" and visit his siblings before he left. He wanted me to pick him up in Atlanta. Rick said firm no he can buy a bus ticket cheaper than you driving and your just not ready. So off on the bus Alex goes after spending the night in Atlanta. Oh I was pissed at his changes and the lack of me knowing anything in advance. But then it turned to worry. I was raised in Atlanta I have seen the roughness of it. Bless his heart. Then he finally arrived in Huntsville about 4 today I pick him up and on the way back from the grey hound station I get in a car accident and I think the car is  totaled . I am pretty sure the police ruled it no-fault but since I am very new at driving & new to Huntsville I am not sure. But my friends who met me up there reassured me I would be ok and that it was probably a no-fault. My friend was nice enough to come get Alex, Skylar and I. Take us back to our house. Drop of Alex's belongings. I think he brought everything he owned! What he didn't have on his back he shipped and it arrived this morning. We are all ok from the accident and the other car was even driveable at least enough to get her home I think and everyone was ok in that car. As I said my friends came and got us took us to drop of Alex's stuff then took us to Burger King so Alex could have real food and I could talk to James about the car. I told James just a warning but my friends would be picking him up when he got off. Then they took me to the gas station to get some final things I knew I would be needing. Luckily I went to the grocery store this morning and got some food but not much since its the end of the month and I am low on cash. I talk to Rick when he woke up today and he is ok with everything concerned about me and feels bad he can't be here to do something about it. They say when the Army does this to a family that everything breaks well the most expensive thing we had broke! Thank God we don't own this house we live in. Well we have the other house but oh geez. I left out details of the accident and some other drama from around here. My heart is just broken I let my husband and kids down. Its very hard for me to take and the way Rick takes it the way he does he is Husband of the Year in my book. I am very lucky to have him and we are deeply in love.

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