Friday, October 12, 2007

Msg to my Battle Buddy I hope I don't scare her away

Hey. I had an ok day myself. My friend needed me to take her to the Army Clothing, Then the PX, Then we went to Burger King for Lunch. Came home for a few hours long enough to speak to my hubby online. Then my little girl was whining to go play with her friend. I really enjoy hanging out with them so we went over there till it was time to pick up my step son from work. Then I wanted to go get some flameless candles so I can have candles burning all day and night for my hubby :) I ended up spending $100 at Wal-mart LOL I really really shouldn't have. I got Skylar some accesorries for her Baby Alive doll I just bought. Plus they have Carebears Anniversary stuff. White Platinum Carebear with DVD for $20 and Cabbage Patch Kid with Carebear. She's so cute with her little Carebear outfit on. I couldn't resist her either. I had the true intention of waiting till Christmas to give it to her but she wanted to play with the doll and her Baby Alive. I saw something at Walmart and I thought to myself oh I want to show Rick. Then though man :( a picture wouldn't work well. Thats probably the hardest part for me is you can move on with your life but not really right? I am so tired of my neighbor who I thought was going to be a rock from me. She is a user and she is whiney. She's not dealing with this deployment very well. She forwards me emails from her husband that he plainly puts its his time to go to heaven. I don't think thats a good mentality for either of them. I dunno since this is my first time and I am only on day two but I know I can be stronger than that. Then my husband's first wife she locked herself in a mental hospital and I think that also was a bit extreme when she really should have been taking care of his boys. I think being strong is the most patriotic you can be. Its more patriotic than doing all the goofy stuff (even though I do that too) like Yellow Ribbons, red Shirt Fridays and my candles lol. I can't believe its Friday already. *** phone lines are sucking and it sucks he has to go outside to plug his laptop into a pole at 11 o'clock at night to IM me for a bit. But I will take what i can get its not that I just feel bad for him. He's definately got it worse than I do.

Ps So I am waiting here paitently for my hubby

Oh and Skylar also got a new Army T-shirt and a Dora Jacket and the other day she got a baby alive doll :x lol Do I have a problem?

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