Monday, October 29, 2007

If you can't stand behind them try to stand in front of them!

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So I woke up this morning and felt a little better. I totaled my car on Saturday and Sunday my neck was stiff that I didn't want to move it. USAA called me, this morning, and I got out of bed and then the back spasms started. The lady on the phone with me is like look you need to be seen. I am supposed to have preferential treatment at the Army Health Center because Rick is deployed. Some lady came in to the Waiting Spouses meeting and we talked about all this benefits for us at the Army health center. Gave us a phone number to call so we didn't have to wait on hold for appointments. Usually the wait time to make an appointment is 30-40 minutes. I called the # and had to leave a message. Ok what is the difference if I have to leave a message and have you call me back or I wait on hold for 30 minutes right? She calls me back and she's like yeah why did you call my private line? I was like because I am a waiting spouse and this is the number they gave me to call. She's like oh well its ok to call the appointment line now I was just at the appointment desk and we have three new doctors so there isn't much of a wait. So she said the ONLY appointment she had for me was at 9 am on Tuesday. Yes I turned it down because Skylar has to go to playgroup and ballet. I am not going to make her miss the Halloween party and ballet because of my pain that may or may not be anything or may or may not even be treated by these people. I had to repeat my symptoms to this lady numerous times. Whole time she is bitching about her computer and how I could have called the appointment line. She wasn't even listening to me. Mary Breaden who is the head of the waiting spouses from Army Community Service was calling while I was on the phone. I even said to the lady on the line on Mary Breaden from ACS is calling. She's like I don't know a Mary. So I turned down the 9 am appointment and called Mary back just to tell her about the accident but then I started bitching about the health service and how it was useless that we had preferential treatment. She's like oh no you need to call back and say so and so says. By the time I got back on the actual Appointment line I was the third in line in que. I forgot their names. No biggie I got an appointment on Thursday. I said oh if I feel better I will just call and cancel again they said this is the only appointment they had. Oh wait I thought Tuesday was the only appointment you had? Now all of a sudden I call back and you give me a new appointment time? I wasn't asked  to be pushed in right away. I just wanted to make sure everything was in check. Well I am over at my friends house today decorating cookies. I started getting weak and spacey and woozy. Then I was getting pissed at them. I was like WTH my husband is deployed and I am taking care of three "kids" and you want me to be out of it? What if I did have whiplash or a serious injury? I can't go off post because then they probably wouldn't even pay for an ER visit. How is the Army taking care of the spouses while the husbands are gone? This is ridiculous! How can I take care of three kids being this weak. What's worse is my friend was telling me her husband is over seas but not in the sandbox. He woke up in the middle of nowhere and he didn't know where he was or how he got there being chased by cops. PTSD (Post Traumatic stress disorder) and because of where he is at he's not getting treatment for PTSD! AGAIN IMHO that's ridiculous! He could end up dead! How is the military really taking care of our soldiers? They don't give a crap! Next person I encounter who says a bad damn thing about the troops is literally going to get spit on if not knocked into next week by me because these guys and gals go through torture and I don't see proof the government cares about them at all!

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