Thursday, October 11, 2007

I am humbled

People are going to think I am really not very sane after reading this but its my faith so I can see it as I want. Its my blog I can say what I want.

Last night sleeping of course I leave my computer on. Of course I leave all my messengers on. I hear text messages on my cell phone but don't really open my eyes. Then I did wake up not long from 2:38 is when I recieved my last text message... then seconds before I recieved a call at 2:52. I woke up to check my text messages and the moment I read the first one. The caller ID flashed on my cell Unknown Caller. My heart soared! I read in my books what that meant! It was my husband. I didn't think I would hear from him for days. He said how are you doing baby? I said fine now that I heard your voice. I meant it! After we spoke only a minute.. I went outside and smoked and I just cried. Not tears of sadness or joy just tears... The song Cry out to Jesus came to mind then Jesus take the Wheel came to my mind... I just thought wow God you have truly humbled me, once again.

I really think that I woke up just seconds before Rick called was a blessing or a mini miracle. The fact that last time I talked to him before he left I was a mess now at 3 am in the morning I am so happy and whole as yesterday I was heartbroken, scared, and worried.... Just being able to wake up and hear his voice filled me with being whole again...

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