Thursday, October 18, 2007

God James

I bought Skylar a box of cheese its because she asked for it. Then James eats them. Rick and I yell at him about it. he says No one told me they were for Skylar. I buy a second box of cheese its for Skylar again James eats them. I bought her a can of soup and gold fish to go with the soup. I fix soup tonight and I said James did you eat the Goldfish? He's like yeah? I was like OMG James! He's like I like Goldfish. NO ONE told me they were for Skylar. I said Goldfish is a toddler food I thought the first box of cheese its and me buying a second box would be your clue! I said the cat likes goldfish too did I buy them for her? LOL
PITA will not eat FOOD just junk. If it looks like Junk food and has been in the cabinet 24 hours and doesn't contain chocolate you can kiss it good bye

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