Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You Might be a Military Spouse

You might be a military spouse....

If you know what an LES is and can read it.

If you know "going to the commissary" means the same as "going to the grocery store".

If you've ever stood way down the dairy section aisle of the commissary waiting to be checked out by a cashier.
(This usually happens on paydays.)

If you're broke by around the 12th and 27th of every month.

If you spend at least one day a week sleeping by yourself.

If that one day a week is no big deal to you.

If one week or one month away from your spouse is no big deal either.

If you spend more time with your neighbors than your spouse or have ever felt "married" to one or more of your friends.

If you've ever checked your email multiple times a day in hopes your spouse has written you and know how horrible email being "down" is.

If the thought of another deployment makes you cringe.

If you've ever stood helpless while your kids cry for Daddy (or Mommy), wishing you could tell them it wouldn't be long but knowing it's not true...and ended up crying with them.

If "sleeping with another man" means letting your son sleep with you while Daddy's gone.

If you've ever felt a twinge of jealousy seeing a couple enjoy each other's company in public somewhere while your spouse was gone.

If, upon hearing of a military member's death, you cry for their spouse and children and want to hold your spouse a little tighter or email them if they aren't with you.

If you've had your spouse's picture as the desktop background on your computer so you can feel like they're still with you.

If you've ever talked to that picture, smiled at it, cried to it, and in some weird way felt better afterwards.

If you've ever made a paper chain that was long enough to circle your entire living room (or more) and removed the links one by one down to the Las! T when your spouse was finally coming home.

If you've ever had to add (or remove) links to that chain because the arrival date changed.

If you've ever cried tears of joy at a homecoming...but secretly ached inside knowing the happiness was short-lived and your spouse would be leaving again.

If you've ever felt weird, or almost "wrong", sleeping with your spouse after a long separation (who is this stranger?).

If you know most of your spouse's workmates by their last name only.

If you have a power of attorney, USE it, and freak out when it expires.

If you know that not everyone accepts a power of attorney, despite the fact it gives you permission to practically BE your spouse.

If you've ever argued that fact with someone in person or over the phone and gotten nowhere.

If you've ever informed your spouse of your baby's arrival by sending an American Red Cross.

If you've spent almost all the holidays in any given year without your spouse.

If you've ever avoided touching your spouse until they thoroughly showered off the mace-like product they had sprayed on them during training.

If you accidentally got some on your hand anyway, didn't know it, and rubbed it in your eyes. (OUCH!)

If you know what "leave" is and have looked forward to being able to use it.

If you've ever reassured your spouse while they worried over making rank...telling them everything would be fine either way.

If you've ever celebrated when they made it...but knew you'd have to wait months before seeing the pay raise.

If you have perfected the military cut, even though you have had no previous hair cutting experience.

If you own a sewing machine that's mainly used to sew patches on your spouse's uniforms, and you do it well.

If you've ever stood quietly and proudly on the sidelines while your spouse was recognized for the work they'd done.

If anything on this list made you laugh, cry, or at least nod your head in might be a military spouse!

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