Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yesterday, Today, and ...

Well Yesterday I want to apologize for. Skylar & I got up and we got our showers. she had to be at dance at 10. We left dance and got to playgroup towards the end which is cool because i knew waiting wives wasn't too much longer after playgroup. So I was at dance from 10-11. Playgroup from 11-12 and Waiting Wives Meeting 12-1. Came home changed Skylar out of her ballet clothes and into play clothes she wanted to go to Collins so I drove over to Jess' so she could play with Collin. Collin and Skylar were swimming in their clothes and got wet. So I changed her and put her in Collins clothes LOL Then they decided to get wet again and of course she is freezing so I strip her & put her in my hoodie. I called James and asked if he wanted Chinese and was he paying. I had to recover from my faint (j/k) and went home changed Skylar and myself and we went out for Chinese. I am not familiar with the Chinese restaurants around here. Jess told me about one that was in an area I am familiar with, Rick told me about one that was in the one in the suburb type of Huntsville. So I went to the one Jess told me about first and James wanted a buffet which they didn't have so I got back on the interstate and got off the wrong exit. Was having a little bit of a terrifying challenge driving in the weather. But we made it *sigh* then it was a lot easier coming home even though people drive like mad men! By the time I got home I was exhausted. I tried to get on AOL but if I were to spell a word with double letters like "Well" The second letter wouldn't type and backspace wouldn't work so I gave up and went to bed after I spoke to Rick. I was in such a looooopy mood too! lol I feel bad because I haven't found the energy or time to blog or write Rick daily. The only time I can have the concentration to write is when Skylar is asleep.
Today nothing spectacular happening. I wrote in my blogs, did some laundry, talked to my friend Jess who isn't feeling well and I have to take James and pick him up from work.

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