Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tid Bits

Lately my friend's neighbor who recently got divorced has been hanging out with us wives. I jokingly call him a fellow Army Wife even though he's the one that's a soldier LOL. He's getting out soon... He's a single father to two children he has them full time John Robert 4 and Genesis 3. This week, My friend Jess has her cousin living with her for the past month Camy, her best friend Sarah is down visiting and Jess of course has a father in law to care for, her husband Shane, and her two children Collin 4 and Landon almost 1! The "wives" sit on the back porch and smoke and chat. John who is the recently divorced neighbor tells great stories. He always has us laughing. I have a lot of fun sitting over at Jess's hanging out with Camy, Sarah, Sometimes John *Pictures at the Bottom or Here . I gotta get a real nice pic before everyone leaves :)

Update on YOU

What is there to report between keeping Skylar from driving me insane, going to her gatherings, or going to Jess's see first comment LOL I am not doing well with time management. I had to redo my pictures on myspace because I was getting complaints that I was endangering my soldiers safety so I had to fix some of my pictures so I was reorganizing albums and adding pics and back and forth. I got one profile done and my private (stormyaries) profile I got lost as far as what I had already done and what hasn't been done so I gave up. I made two new tags, Got almost all my laundry done, almost all my dishes done, straightened up the bathroom. Got a nice relaxing bath YAY.

Update on the kid/s

Alexander Christopher

Alex is a pretty good kid. He is 21 years old. He serves in the US Army. He is finishing up his AIT getting ready for his first duty station . He's glad to be out of the house it seems. Although i wish he was more dependable and more loyal to his family. He sent me a text message yesterday that he had small pox Yays! He said exactly Then this morning I checked my email and he says he has "
And in other news, I have Small Pox! Yays! Evidently, one of the things that the Army does for those

who go overseas is give them vaccinations, immunizations, and random infectious diseases. So we pretty

much just stack up those diseases and brag about how many we've been in contact with in the Army thus far.

Right now I have Anthrax, Thyroid Fever, the Flu, and Small Pox. Next Friday I'll be getting one for

Hepatitis A. Gotta catch 'em all!" then "Oh yeah, and I just thought that I'd tell ye, I am officially going to Yongsan in Korea.... so I plan to visit one of y'all (meine bruder) as soon as I graduate from this Chair Force
Pig Hole. Hooah, day long flights (not really).

Also, I saw Resident Evil: Extinction. Kick. Fucking. Ass."

So it could be that Alex is coming home to spend a month before going to Korea. Maybe in that time they can go to their aunts for Thanksgiving or go see their mom. I am sure they will prefer to go see their Aunt Beth but I will leave it up to them.

James Patric

James is almost 20. He's been working at Burger King for a few months now and seems to have real good worth ethic.
The other night on the way home from work he says to me there is a new hire a girl who saw my t-shirt and she says her friend is always talking about it. I said really? He's like yeah I told her it was just a character in a book... sorry I don't know the spelling of the alien dude LOL... Then I told him there was a cute 20 year old working at the PX and he said who cares. I said James, You really don't want to date do you? He said no. I said why not? he said there are so many horror stories about dating and heart breaks. I was like aww... So your not moving ever huh? He's like I didn't say that! I said well you can't live on your own... You don't want to have friendships either so how is that going to work? My conclusion from the conversation is he has severe social anxiety. I told Rick about it and he said he was impressed that James is opening up to me. Only time he opened up to Rick is when shit had already hit the fan and it would still take pressure. So we are at a loss of what to do for James. Well at 5 o'clock (Last Night) or so James said lets go. I am like go where. He says to go get my hair cut. So I took him up to the Target shopping center to get his hair cut. He said no I want to go to a sit down restaurant to eat. I was like by the time you get done eating your not going to be able to get your hair cut. he said well I want to eat. Then Skylar started chiming in that she was hungry. So I drove up the road to see if James could make up his mind what he wanted to eat. He finally decided that he wanted to eat at this unknown restaurant. By this time I was in unfamiliar territory. Trying to stay on the major roads. Rick calls so James is trying to talk to him. I pull over and talk to him he gives me some directions that lead me right into down town Huntsville where they are having this HUGE music festival. So traffic everywhere, blocked off and one way streets. I was a wreck! Considering I was in an unfamiliar area and only have been driving a little over 2 months. So the road rick told me to turn on I knew that road across from it would get me either to home or a more familiar area. He also told James the name of the unknown restaurant that James was craving. He gave me vague directions from FREAKING Kansas like he has any idea where I am going. I got a feeling he was on Google Earth or something LOL. So I go down the more familiar road and find where I am going so I know where I am at. I find the restaurant on my own. James is griping at Skylar during dinner complaining she isn't eating or she's too distracted. I was ready to chew his ass at this point. The only way I knew how to go home was on a 4 lane road that is very narrow. I had to turn left going on this very narrow road. I could barely see where to turn. I was such a wreck. I made it inside the gates relieved but then James needed to go to the PX and I turned in the wrong way! UGH! I couldn't park fast enough!

Mackenzie Robert Taylor

"McKenzie Taylor"

Mackenzie my earth angel. He is seven years old.. Its now been 4 years since I've seen him and 6 years since he was legally kidnapped from my arms.

Jeanette Skylar

Her birthday is in 3 weeks.. WOW my girl will be 5.

She's been taking ballet for 4 weeks now and really hates to be home she always has some place to go and a friend to see! We are still working on some behavior problems but I am sure its just being the fierce 4 year old almost 5 year old she is. In Ballet she is learning position 1-5, How to skip,

With the full weight of the body on the toes and the ball of the foot.

Pas de Bourrée
A traveling step in which the dancer may move in any direction on demi-pointe or on pointe. The calves are held as close together as possible while the dancer executes a series of swift miniature steps.

To rise onto pointe or demi-pointe.

A jump


A pose in which the dancer stands on one leg, with the other leg lifted and the knee bent at approximately 120-degree angle. The lifted leg can be behind (derrière), in front (en avant), or on the side (à la seconde) of the body.

and more, a series of other stretches, positions, etc.

Update on hubby / other half

Rick is still training in Camp its been almost a month since I have seen him. Two months since he's been there. He will be home for a long weekend again soon then goes to Iraq :( He feels so drained and old. He's staying strong as can be expected though. He will be in Iraq for 12 months. He will be home sometime this week so I will start preparing to put myself on hold/no mail in my groups so if I a MIA thats where I am lol... He could be here for a few days up till a week. I won't know/do anything till I know for sure should be Monday. It will be the last time I see him for up to 9 months.

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