Monday, September 3, 2007

Tantric Sex

TRICKS AND TANTRISM :)There are many things you can do to turn a mildly interesting sexual encounter into a deeply satisfactory one. surprise and spontaneity in the form of unexpected sexy kisses in oublic or unusual sexual sex positions can be extremely exciting. tender talk is also a great aphrodiisiac. tell your partner as you make love how attractive you find him/her and how much their smell or taste turns you on. TANTRIC SEX :) The spiritual approach to sex aims to enrich the mind and soul as well as provide extreme sensual pleasure. although tantric touch may feel the same as other forms of touch, there is a different emphasis on how it is given and received. a priority of tantric sex is to prolong sexual arousal. it takes the form of extensive stroking sessions followed by very slow intercourse.1. Lightly stroke each other first, with a circling action and then go up and down. avoid the breast and the genetials (huh? lol). stroke slowly for about 15mins, take a break, then repeat the stroking for another 15mins. later in the evening repeat the stroking for 30mins.2. Lie quietly together closely in the spoons position, but without stimulating each other (if this is too tempting, lie facing each other with foreheads together but bodies not quite touching) haha3. The next day, move onto stroking each other's chest. make light circular movements on the chest or breas. first with hands movin towards each other, then with the action of the hand reversed. 4. Next. move on to the genetials. slowly draw your fingers or hands up from underneath each other's genitals, using very light strokes and working along the length of the penis or up the height of the vulva. also include the testicles, perineum, vagina, labia and clitoris. 5. After an hour of genital stroking take a five minute break. then lie motionless, with the woman on top and the man's penis inside her vagina, until the erection subsides.
From the book : Connoisseur;s Sex Guideby: Anne Hooperhmmm i need your thoughts ladies haha this is like WOW. With the guys being deployed and coming back i dont think anyone could pull this off. but then again we never know. so let me hear your responses to this.

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