Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Wow so I found quite a bit of blogs basically expressing the same thing as I wrote yesterday. In case you didn't see it here is a direct link to my main blog on blogger."Did you REALLY Remember?" Then there are a few that are let us mourn and move on. To me that's a direct representation of the future of repeating history because we didn't listen to the past. Such as December 7th Pearl Harbor Day and some say thats the reason why we were vulnerable on September 11, 2001. I personally remember and still feel the void today when I looked at disgust of our "Patriotism" when Hurricane Katrina turned two states in the south into a 3rd world country. We didn't have near the Patriotism following the days of the Terrorists attacked on us on 9/11. Ground Zero is all cleaned up ready to rebuild 6 years later but what about the south? Are there still tons of homeless there? Unidentified bodies? parts of cities left in ruins? Is it going to take 6 years to get it to sink in with you? Yes even the Government failed alot in the south.. Its sad. When I still read articles about the troubles hurting the south.

Rick and I had a discussion on the Anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Lets not forget that because that was an American that attacked us. What pictures of the 9/11 Attacks stick out in your mind, What about OKC Bombings? & Katrina? Does any one picture stick out in your mind?

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The King said...

The picture that probably is most cemented (beside the plane hitting the building) is one that is not actually real. It's one that depicts one of my Fraternity brothers who died after calling his wife as he attempted to climb down the stairs of the WTC to safety. It's sort of bizzare because we weren't necessarily close, but our chapter was small and so there are a lot of memories associated with the years prior to 9-11. Somehow the've become more vivid, more applified.