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Orgasm provide fantastic sensations. here are a few tips that will make them even better.
10 steps to improve orgasm:1. Delay Climax - the more drawn out the build - up to sex, the more sexual tension there is to release at the time of orgasm, leading to a deeper climax. (il be posting some techniques later).2. Do excercises to develop muscle control so that you can time your climaxes better. these will also increase your chances of experiencing multiple orgasms. (il post a few later too).3. include the prostate gland in your stimulation, either before or during intercourse. 4. stroke and caress the perinuem and testicles sensitivity - they are highly erogenous zones.5. use your imagination : think sexy thoughts, remember sexy sights, and go to places in your mind where you wouldnt dream of going in real life. hmmm6. abstain from alcohol, tobacco and drugs. these can al dull sexual sensation and adversely affect performance. 7. improve penile muscle tone through exercises such as pelvic-floor exercises. (il try to post some later.8. use first class sex lubrication. a lubricated penis instantly becomes more sensitive and receives more pleasurable feeling than a dry one.9. experiment with the pulsar technique, which feels fantastic during ejaculation.10. try climaxing in only one out of three lovemaking sessions - the belief is that in this way you can build up an explosive orgasm and intense sensation.
Orgasm Techniques For Her
Guiding HimEvery woman's sexual response is different, so it's important that the woman guides her partner and communicates how and where she likes to be touched. Extra StimulationSome women require manual stimulation in order to continue to climax during intercourse. the man can reach around and stimulate the clitorios, timing the touch to his thrust.
The Joy Of Vibrators
There are some men and women for whom the combination of masturbation and intercourse either feels uncomfortable or still does not offer enough stimulation. This is where the vibrators come to the rescue. Vibrators are not just for novelty value, for some women they are essential, and can make the difference between experiencing orgasm and never doing so. Vibrators today have travelled a long way from the pink plastic, penis shaped models. you can purchase them in bright jelly colours, in a variety of shapes and sizes, and with a number of special and very pleasing attributes.
The G-spot
The G-spot is a small area on the front wall of the vagina, although it dooesn't appear to be present in all women. When pressed, it is believed to trigger orgasm. It is names after gynaecologist Ernst Grafenburg, who first described it, relating it to the point where the urethra runs closest to the top of the vagina wall. Others think it to be the vestiges of what would have been the prostate gland if the foetus had developed into a boy. Indeed, some women who appear to have a G-spot orgasm appear to ejaculate a thin arc of fluid, when climaxing. The latest theory is that the G- spot is the root of the clitoris - hence its sensitivity.
How To Stimulate The G-spot
Exert a steady pressure with your finger on the spot, pushing for a count of ten, then let go, then press again. it is pressure rather than light stroking that brings on the erotic sensation and can trigger climax. Place your finger inside your vagina and try to reach the far end (this might be very difficult). Reach with the finger towards your abdomen. The G-spot feels like a small bump swelling out of the front wall of the vagina.
Sex For One
Most women love the closeness and fullness they experience during face-to-face intercourse. However, they may not necessarily get intense climaxes this way. Self touch generally offers much longer, stronger, more drawn-out orgasmic experience. It;s a good idea to experience self-stimulation so that you learn your own orgasmic patterns as well as your own erogenous zones. If you know what gives you an orgasm, you can take this information into your relationship and help your man find his way.
From the book : Connoisseurs Sex GuideBy: Anne HooperThis is very interesting but somewhere along it all i got lost lol. i understand some stuff but others its like ummm ok lets try this sometime. i dunno leave your thoughts and comments ladies and gentlemen

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